Annie B. Carwyn

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​youngster she competed in jumping events, as a teenager she competed dressage, and in college she competed on the polo fields. Annie’s happy place is definitely anywhere in the great outdoors. She loves gardening, hiking, backpacking, jogging, cycling, kayaking, sailing, and, of course, horseback riding.  Akin to her namesake, Annie is a naturally talented marksman who enjoys spending time at the range. As quick as she is with a rifle, she is with a skillet. She is known to whip up a tantalizing meal at the spur of the moment.  There’s never a dull moment with Annie B. Carwyn.

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Annie Carwyn resides in sunny California with her ruggedly handsome husband, two talented children, and a menagerie of furry friends. With a master’s degree in education, she spends the majority of her time teaching students as a reading and writing specialist. When she isn’t working with students, she can be found out on the trails riding her white Arabian mare. Annie’s love of horses started early in life with western pleasure riding. Then, as a 

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